19 April, 2008


Get a new tote Bag for FARMERS MARKET SEASON!

This is the first line of farmers market tote bags available. I am working on a nifty, "Keeping it Rural" design as well. This red heart illustration was whipped up by photographer & writer Ellen Jo Roberts. She is capable of many a varied things, and this was a casual sketch she did for my logo as a columnist for The Noise.

Meredith Sieverd designed the logo, and is truly an image smith. You can see her work at the Noise as well.

The Noise is one of the last independent magazines out there in America. I am very proud of their hard work.

To purchase a tote bag or ~t~shirt at great price click on the cafepress link to the right. I have kept the price low so you can afford to spend the gasoline to carpool to the nearest market. If you are in the city, purhaps you can spend your saved nickles on new bike tires. THANKS!!

PS You might need to lower the internet security on your computer to order. Or clear your cookies. You may clear your cookies by looking under your browsers tools and erasing those cookies.
If that sounds horrible call 1-877-809-1659 to place your order.


Anonymous said...

These are so freakin cute. I will order me one. Hope you sell tons of em, cousin!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!thankyou thankyou THANK YOU for your design (:

Ben Walters said...

Cool tote. Go girl!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I need to come up witha manly rooster tote for ben-o