03 April, 2008

I spent the majority of my childhood in a tree. Building forts,designing pulley systems, elaborate gypsy caravans,seeking ways to turn trees into a language horizontal feet could speak.
My father held tightly to preparing for the end of the world. I grew up looking forward to using my keen skills of evaluation and haphazard penchant for experimentation to help out when Armageddon descended on us. It would be easy for someone like myself who has hitchhiked and owned "hot" guns.

So when my best friend called me up to tell me that Armageddon was due to hit next week, my heart skipped a beat. She wanted to know if I thought it would Be okay to go to San Francisco. I wanted to know if we had enough oil & gas and liqueur.

We don't know when life is going to get weird. You can't really prepare for the after world by stockpiling beans and toilet paper.

I found this poster of Mad Max on the ole computer. Have you ever seen this film?
I find the futuristic primitive punk rock persona fascinating.


Anonymous said...

when i was about 9 or 10 i saw the road warrior. it was not my favorite movie, that title was reserved for Conan the Barbarian...but I liked road warrior alot. Especially the feral boy. I wanted to be the feral boy. he was the mute wild child with the razor sharp boomerang, and a sweet loincloth made of rat pelt or something. he used it to slice off the fingers of one of the apocalypse dune buggie goons (boomerang not loincloth). i was thinking about the feral boy today strangely enough as I was walking around my new town. i have deviated from my early career preferences.

Anonymous said...

I remember feral boy!

If your new town is Marshall,USA we could project the Road Warrior
film on the side wall of the rec room for "Movie Night."

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately (and fortunately) my new town is in Spain. But I will sharpen my boomerang and put on my loin cloth here, if you do the same in Marshall. Together, we can create a new internet-saavy feral society.

Anonymous said...

I like to put on my boots and star spangled underpants