04 May, 2008

The Farm Journal

What's wrong with this picture? Sunlight is hitting the logs I am going to use for shiitake inoculation. Apparently they get dried out like this. Good thing these are fresh green white oak logs cut by Mr. Chris Rector just Tuesday.

Tuesday May 6th @ 10 AM we will bust out some logs with shiitake spawn. Roger Makepeace is filling in for Steve Rice as our Mushroom Guru. Thanks Roger!

I will make a pot of soup & Cornbread for folks. Let me know if you are intersted in an innoculation workshop. A few of you have expressed interest but can not make it on Tuesday, so I aim to keep this workshop spirit up for the rest of the spring.

I am hoping Mark McMillian of Monster Bunny Bee Honey will come and show us some bee keeping wisdom ASAP. Contact me if you are interested in this as well!

See ya!


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