07 May, 2008

The Farm Journal

We held a shiitake mushroom workshop at the Shealy Farm yesterday! It was a truckload of fun to have Roger Makepeace up. He taught a handful of us how to properly inoculate mushroom logs on a large scale. We set up two tables, one for drilling and one for waxing, and we tried our best to assemble some sort of factory like manner.

Roger brought modified angler grinder along to speed up the drilling process. You would not belive how the grinder turns green white oak into butter. We drilled, innoculated and waxed about 40 logs in 3 hours. We stopped for some blackeyed peas and cornbread and goofed around quite a bit, so I can't quantify nor qualify the time it takes to produce.

Thanks to everyone who came out, it's fun to visit with ya'll out at the homestead!

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