08 May, 2008

The Farm Journal

They keep talking about "the Mexicans."

Hire the Mexicans to inoculate your shiitake logs with super hero speed. Or the Mexicans have already tilled and planted their crops, or that 700 Mexicans are going to pick up the rich couples historic house and carry it down the street of Marshall with all of our mouths gapping wide as the French Broad River.

Returning from Arizona, I find the nameless Mexican references a little funny, but most often I find the comments to be off. Like this community has yet to accept these Mex. Nationals into the community fiber as folks of a name.
Maybe it is due to transcience, or the mere fact of difference. It reminds me of when my family moved to Madison County for good. The children at Walnut Elementary would call me the new girl. Or the weird girl, or the irl in penny loafers. They took the longest time to grant me my wish called Tasha.

Aliea Woosley took this photograph during here time spent volunteering with faith based humanitarian aide group, No More Deaths. This is a photograph of crosses hung to represent the number of deaths on the Mexican /United States border. Most deaths are caused from dehydration and heat exhaustion. I published Ms. Woolseys photographs with an article I penned on the subject.

The Great Wall of Politics

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