09 June, 2008

It is so hot that I think about getting an office job if only for the the air conditioning. It must be pretty hot, because I have never wanted to be put still at a desk for the duration of a weeks length.

Another birthday has come and gone, another swimming hole has been jumped in another
sweat stain has been found without much surprise. It must be June.

My new Nubian/Boer goats are acclimating to the Shealy barn well. I like to climb up on the rafters and jump into their little pin. They in turn like to chew on my clothes and sit on my lap. Our relationship is working out so far, though I need them to step up their game on the weed eating.

Mark the bee keeper came over last week and checked out the cabin. He is working up an estimate to wire the place. I hope to be in my own home by Christmas time 2008.
This means more work life and less contemplation.

Off the grid style of course.

Cattle I have my Eye on.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, you nubian bean pod!

Anonymous said...

you make me sound like a UFO-ta