01 June, 2008

Sometimes you have to take a vacation from yourself. This was my sentiment when I found myself at Denny's at 4 AM with some bad influences.
I haven't been to Denny's since I was a kid and would try to order breakfast foods containing chocolate.

It wasn't much different this time around. My pal Donny and I split a chocolate milkshake & a Philly with lots of greasy fries. Olivia got pancakes to which Donny poured milkshake on. Dan Helgemo was saintly, and ordered a somber bowl of oatmeal. He was probably repenting for his early debauchery.


Anonymous said...

It is never too late!

Anonymous said...

Or "the night is still young"

Anonymous said...

This looks like much fun, dear!

I too used to always always order the breakfast chocolate items, in particular, at the IHOP, the Chocolate Chip pancakes-- a rare treat, but always savored.

happy almost birthday, chum!

Ellen Jo

Anonymous said...

Maybe Denny's doesn't have chocolate breakfast treats...maybe they just had cardboard menu face masks.-tasha