01 June, 2008

Sometimes you have to take a vacation from yourself. This was my sentiment when I found myself at Denny's at 4 AM with some bad influences.
I haven't been to Denny's since I was a kid and would try to order breakfast foods containing chocolate.

It wasn't much different this time around. My pal Donny and I split a chocolate milkshake & a Philly with lots of greasy fries. Olivia got pancakes to which Donny poured milkshake on. Dan Helgemo was saintly, and ordered a somber bowl of oatmeal. He was probably repenting for his early debauchery.


Anonymous said...

It is never too late!

natasha@thenoise.us said...

Or "the night is still young"

Anonymous said...

This looks like much fun, dear!

I too used to always always order the breakfast chocolate items, in particular, at the IHOP, the Chocolate Chip pancakes-- a rare treat, but always savored.

happy almost birthday, chum!

Ellen Jo

Anonymous said...

Maybe Denny's doesn't have chocolate breakfast treats...maybe they just had cardboard menu face masks.-tasha