29 September, 2008

I am so THERE

Asheville is seaping in , LETS GO TO THIS!

The 2008 Grass roots Media Tour is comin g to Ashev ille Oct 4-5 bringing
perfo rmanc es, works hops & inspi ratio n for grass roots activ ists and
independent media ! Sponsored by Left Turn Magaz ine, Color Lines Magazine,
Bitch Magazine, Spread Magazine, Free Speech Radio News, Make/ Shift , and
other radical and independent media projects from around the US


Sat Oct 4 @ 7pm: Performances / Presentations / Dialogue
Sun Oct 5 12- 4pm: Workshops: " Pressed for Knowl edge" : participants will
brain storm , plan & make a collaborative publication during the time span
of the workshop.
" From Oral History to Radio Docum entary": look at ways
to document the history around us. .. and how collecting and sharing
stories can build political and social power , promote dialogue and
create solutions.
Practice using recording equipment, interviewing
techniques , and take a look at different story - collecting projects and
their impacts.

Where ? Firestorm Cafe & Books - 48 Commerce St.
( next to the purpl e
build ing) downt own Asheville (www. firestormcafe. com)

Prese nters / performers : JEN ANGEL - found er, co- edito r and publisher of
Clamor Magazine, currently a freelance writer and publicist; ALEXI S
PAULINE GUMBS - queer black trouble- maker and poet from Durham, North
Carolina and founder of BrokenBeautiful Press ; PUCK LO, radio producer,
reporter and writer who works for the world 's only worke r-run
international daily newscast, Free Speech Radio News

PRESS INQUIRIES: 510- 910- 5627

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