02 October, 2008

Men in their Underpants Revisited

Jonathan Ames running down a provincial road in his underpants. if you have ever read Mr. Ames, you can understand why he would use a cover like that. Racy, attention grabbing, vulnerable and eccentric.

Jonathan Ames.

Grant Stoddard on the other hand annoys me with his underpants press shot. He musters up vacant irony with his winter hat and brightly colored briefs. Grant Stoddard pens the column I Did It for Science

featured on on nerve.com... where he engages in wacky sexual acts for the sake of science. I think this is a flimsy premise. Because he isn't a scientist, just a cute hipster.

The most recent interesting find for Men in Their Underpants isn't a writer, but a musician, Asheville based musician Blake Burris of Shake It Like A Caveman. He is a One Man Band. It is like Hasel Atkins and Bob Log from Doo-Rag climbed in a phone booth and came out with Mr. Burris. This photograph pulls together all of my man ideals into one photo. He will be playing Marshall, NC October 10th at the Madison County Arts Council on Main street Marshall 7:30 PM.

Shake it Like a Caveman


ellen jo said...

I like the last guy best.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. This last photo combines the smart sexy of Ira Glass and make believe time. Yummy!