01 September, 2008

I have a peculiar angle in my life which leaves me questioning if guardian angels exist. A guardian angel, or a sensitive new age man? That is the post modern question.

A few years back, when I first returned to Arizona from Asheville I got an email from a man called "angel." Apparently he and I had both moved from Asheville at the same time, and we were now living in the same valley. He had hopes of sparking up a friendship, which I felt doubtful towards due to his ethereal name. I grew hearing folks with all sorts of namesakes hinging upon nounage, and had grown to be weary of folks naming themselves after heavenly dominions and what not.
Anyway, I didn't make good on the friendship.

A few years later Angel wrote again. It was when I had returned to the farm after my Step mothers death and I had little attention towards his curiosity to the synchronicity of our parallel moving patterns. He and I had both moved back to WNC at the same time, and he found this to be kismet. I found my life to be overwhelming, and paid it no bother.

A few months ago "Angel" showed up at a dance we held at the Marshall High Studios. The dance was a dud, and he stood in the doorway as we said hi, and he walked off to use his phone. He emailed the next day to tell me that he had become a Marshall resident recently. "Angel" did.

Last week I stood at the noodle shop, waiting to find a table when he reached out and held my hand. I was a bit stunned, and he was on the phone so we needn't talk.
I went on to eat my garlic broccoli and fortune, until i felt his hands on my shoulders and some small talk began.

I latter teased myself wondering if Halo was an angel, and that I shouldn't make fun of his name. That all in all I am a judgmental person, hoping to not be judged.

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