03 September, 2008

Farm Journal

Raise high the roof beams, or climb on them.
It has been a year since the family sheet rocked the kitchen with the help of Jake Owen and his gymnastics. Since then we have finished the upstairs of the weaving studio which I stay in when I am not on a "land management" gig.

Our next project is to wire, insulate,sheet rock & bead board my cabin. I guess most of the water source will be water catchment at this point, with a European bio-degradable toilet and plans for an outdoor solar shower I am praying for a livable place by next year.
A few great folks have offered to come together for a work party, which really blows my socks off and makes pleasant birds flutter from my chest in a happy, thankful way.


ashley english said...

You're like, the Jill of all trades. Does your expertise know no limits?! Can you make gin? Absinthe?
I linked you back!

Anonymous said...

I want to learn distillery booze craft Ashely. an we write book on that?