07 January, 2009

The Farm Journal

Regional photographer,Rob Amberg sent me this photograph yesterday. Gosh what year was this? I was wearing a handmade dress stitched by my stepma Rennie, and capture the expression of a small animal.

What was I doing that day? I obviously had a party dress on. I was probably at Vicki Lane (Skemp's) Easter party. Every year we would crawl out of our muddy hollers looking for crocus flowers and sunshine.

This party is still being held annually in the Skemp's lower barn. See you there.

Rob Amberg


Anonymous said...

Is that Streisand I hear....Meemmmmmmorieees!

ellen jo said...

I bet this is 1981, or '82? Because if it were 1984 you'd have boobies!

I love this photo. "capturing the expression of a small animal"- Ha! Perfect!

Anonymous said...

I was 11. A young 11 I guess!

Anonymous said...

I had 1983 in my mind, dunno why I didn't just go with that gut feeling--the combination of ruffles and parka is very 1983. Here I am sporting the same combo, also in 1983

Anonymous said...

OH ELLEN! That is some fine investigative work!! Ruffles and parka= chic in 1983!

sticker said...

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