11 January, 2009

Last week Eric & Joe Legge came out to visit. Lee Walker took them on a tour of some of the old buildings, and we scouted out Zuma's & The Art's Council for shows for the father and son.

A week later, Micheal Traister called me with news that Joe Legge had dropped dead of a heart attack. This was boggling, having seen him just days before. He left behind an awe inspiring legacy, a mass of work, and a son who who paints from his heart.

Eric is hanginng a show at Zuma's for the month of Febuary, maybe longer? We will
be scrambling to get Joe's work down to Naples, Florida for a March show at some fancy place, and working towards a book about he and his son.

Maybe Naples is the vaccation I have been asking for?

Photography by Micheal Traister


Anonymous said...

That is sad about Legge senior.
What a shocker.

I think you should head down to the gulf coast.

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