02 January, 2009

How to get to Arizona to say goodbye

I need to take a road trip to Arizona to say goodbye to my dear, 91 year old friend, Glen. I can't believe it has been almost two years since I have been there. I used to visit once or twice a year. I guess a part of me is scared I might stay if I roll into Cornville town.

Lee Walker & Olivia shot up his TV the other day. I am sorry I missed that. I am being exposed to television lately, and it is really messing with my mind. I didn't have it growing up, and equal it to mediocrity. It makes people boring. I struggle with this, and admit I am snobby about it. Yet sometimes I will watch it at a friends house for hours, or turn it on at a house I am visiting if they are away and no body can see me. Always guilty, always feeling like I have cheated my soul. Pretty intense huh? Well anyway Lee and Olivia shot the shit out of a TV set down in our pasture last week, and here is the photo to prove it.

Now on to the internet(:

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