01 January, 2009

Alice Dubois and her maximalist world.
I popped in to visit a friend today. He was uncharacteristiclly optimistic, having knocked a few demons off his back. We spoke of being present in our friendships and love relationships. How hard it can be. We use so many things to hide truth and love from our hungry hearts. I really wish I could have a real conversation with someone. Something beyond movies of the past, name dropping, and TV references. This is hurting me, to spend time with someone who isn't there, or here for that matter. It reminds me with what I have struggled with for years. Living in some internal world, or in the past. So many wonderful things happen today, in real time, in real life, if we only have the strength to make eye contact, to be strong and engage.

Anyway, enough of that...Happy 2009.

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ellen jo said...

I love and miss your writing, amiga.
This entry is very poignant!

Best of all things in 2009.