15 January, 2009

North Georgia & Jesus.
I took this snapshot with my cell phone outside of Joe Legge's Folk Art store located on the highway which connects Asheville to Atlanta.

You can see the reflection of my cheeks, and Eric's corduroy jacket. Not sure why I found myself knowing Eric and Joe, but here I am in the middle of it patching together a quilt to understanding loss.

Eric is unusual in that he combines the other worldliness of a child raised in the back woods on Bible verse and the supernatural,combined with the ingenuity of the folk artist, gypsy. He reminds me of my years in Northern Arizona, and type of person it produced. He hasn't focused on the material, which is to his success. Without the hindrances of fame lust and plot, he is a whimsical combination. Perhaps one of the few who can find true happiness in the life of an artist. I don't know, I don't know him that well.

This snapshot below was taken of a scrap of a photo graph of Eric and Howard Finster. It was pasted to the window of Eric's former bedroom, and was faded and illuminated by the afternoon sun. The window faced towards a moss covered rock mountain to which they gathered water through a gravity feed catchment system. I liked that window immensely.

Micheal and I left north Georgia just before dark. Soft georgia rain led to a hasty snow storm up holler way.