10 May, 2009

The bbq man took this shot of me in front of his bbq trailer today. After that I went up to the farm and planted lettuce, mowed a bit of the garden and cleaned Dad's Kitchen since Rennie isn't here anymore.

Later on I went to the island and discovered a nice cash donation for the community garden from someone who reads my blog. THANK YOU!!
I went to town and bought some starts and fertilizer. It didn't rain today...Not sure if the spell has been broken, the rain spell that is.


ellen jo said...

I love this photo! You and Stella look adorable! Stella has stolen my heart. I joined her fan club.
Floyd dreams about her at night.

Anonymous said...

Floyd and Stella should meet. Lets meet up in Texas.
I am prolly gunna come out sept. I am trying to figure out if Stella can fly on a plane. what happens if she poops in the purse thing?