11 May, 2009

Looking For a Farm Truck

I need a farm truck before I destroy the Jeep. Manure,goats and plants and dirt have all seen the glory of my Jeep. It rains into the passenger side floor too. A kid I work with told me straight up, that my car stinks.

I need a work truck. Ben Wall says Toyota. I know there is a loyal Toyota club out there, but my fondest childhood memories were in a truck much like this one. except it was a 72, thus far superior.

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ellen jo said...

The magic number.
A Toyota will run forever- Chad's
'87 has over 300,000 miles on it --but it's a bit cramped, and sometimes underpowered, plus--not alot of cargo space--- but I trust it with my life, even now, 3 billions of miles later!