05 November, 2009

The thing about a Warm Morning stove is...

The thing about a Warm Morning stove, is that to keep my place warm, I have to get up and stoke the fire every two hours...today I will go to the hardware store and get a
damper kit, and take a chainsaw to the standard size logs that PC cut up earlier this fall.

I was just talking to Lois Simbach about my experience at Doo-Nanny and she was thrilled to hear that Natalie Channin was there.Lovely Channin employees local Alabama folks in to sew her high dollar wares. I should have spoken to her about all of this, but I wanted to give her space. Simbach raves about Channin's business model, and from what I could tell Channin is the most deserving of the finalists in the Vogue competition.I could just kick myself now, I would love to sew a spell for her.

You can check out Natalie Channin in Vogue this month! Vogue


Unknown said...

That'll be good, taking 2-hour sleeping sessions between stoking the coals. Please be careful with that chainsaw and don't let it touch the ground, for Pete's sake!

Anonymous said...