26 December, 2009

If this was fiction I would have lost my electricity in the great blizzard of 09, and forced to eat my little pint sized dog. Instead I ate all of the thawing food items loosing shelf life with out electricity. If this was fiction I would have harnessed the quarter horse Cory, and road to Marshall to not only clear my mind, but to rescue the last hand plowman's great grand daughter from the flood or something. Instead I hitchhiked to Marshall to pick up a new car battery and hiked it up the holler on my hip like heavy sleeping baby. If this was fiction I would go 21 days without a bath, but it isn't and I took a bubble bath down in Marshall town after six days with no electricity.
Why are we they only homestead in Worley without power? Our neighbors, both cattle ranchers have had lights for days. This is the sort of thing that reminds me of growing up in a region of the south that will never let me forget I was not born here a Worley , Ramsey or Rice.

Anyway. We had a fantastic ole timey Christmas at my place. I baked a half cocked cake on the stove, along with ham...I have to say I have come a long way in the art of rustic cookery. Satisfaction.

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