17 December, 2009

My local internet cafe is playing wierd free jazz that sounds like the sound track to some far out adventure on another planet. It's better than Christmas music though. I'm taking a break before going back to the farm to scrub down Dad's house for the party he is having on Sunday. I don't care what they say about codependency, I won't let people use a bathroom with toothpaste spittle and cobwebs.

I am jazzed about bottling up the milk stout! It has finally quit gurggling, which means it is done fermenting. I guess I could let it sit for another few days, but I need the space, and today is the only day I have free to bottle up the goods, and get an apple wine started. Bewing is easier than I had imagined. That seems to be the case with just about everything in life. Make sure not to use any soap when you brew up the beer. Not even a smidge!

Onward and on. I forgot to check the Ingles dumpster! Note to self: Explore Dumpsters