23 February, 2010

Last night heavy winds came in from the south and blew my mind away. I couldn’t tell if I was asleep or dreaming. Dreaming I was watching everything through my eyelids. Vibrant colors washed up against the cliffs evening the middle of the night. Cheney and I jumped up the cliffs again this morning, then sunned ourselves like clueless sun worshipers. There are a few yogurts left, we ate them. I tried to spend all my money, and spent some time uploading some DJ mixes CB had brought by for “Fill” to listen to, to share with others.
I don’t even know what time I am supposed to be at the airport, I am just going to follow Cheney. He seems to have it all figured out.
It’s time to think about the upcoming  chores back in Marshall town.

There is the 1.Organic Growers School this weekend, I think I will be attending with the family! What a good jumpstart to Spring, learning some new skills with Olivia and Daddy Shealy.
I think the seeds will be waiting my arrival, I am going to 2.start some seeds on Dad’s ba
ck porch because our cold frame greenhouse is still down, and the small greenhouse under Olivia’s fabric studio is a little off sun this time of year.
3. I need to pick up the tin for my sauna next week as well. So close!
4. Plan for camping cabin. Salvage wood, tin and posts.

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