24 February, 2010

Time to think about the Spring line up.
We are getting intern type requests from all over lately. Some folks from word on the street, others via Craig’s list. An old friend randomly emailed me from his work spot on a farm in Arizona. He wanted to know the differences I have noticed west coast east coast. I would have to say you can grow things on the east coast, and the sense of community is stronger. Less diversity though. West coast gets ideas first, but Marshall town brings the ideas to fruition.

We have never invited someone to stay on our place for an extended amount of time before. We want to invite a few people to spend the summer into September maybe on, in exchange for help with getting the garden going again. This entails bringing manure from the barn, flaming the beds, fixing fences and expanding the garden space.
People involved can have their own garden space and are welcome to get involved with the farmers markets in the area. I am only going to be working with the market in Marshall town.
I need to replenish the shiitake logs this year as well. This means cutting oak in a month or so when the sap is up and inoculating the logs with fresh spores. This is hard work! Meant to be done with a team of three and an angle grinder. But mushrooms are the way to go. I made some cash selling the logs, and would like to see this expanded. 

There is no money to be made selling $2 bundles of Kale. Just satisfaction.

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