03 March, 2010

Preparing soil

I have been mixing potting soil with decomposed horse manure, then sifting it through a screen to weed out the large bark like chunks. Making my own soil ( or extending my own soil) is in preparation for starting rainbow chard, cabbage, broccoli. I started some basil to see what will happen, just for kicks.

I have been going over the e-mails for folks to come out to the farm as a work trade position. A lot of folks have written us. I know I set the work trade at too low of  a weekly commitment for the persons involved. We are new at this, and just really want to find a couple who wants to roll up their sleeves and let their inspiration soar. I don't want to micro manage, and won't. But on the other hand, please bring passion and imagination. We are starting things up after a ten year lull, and find most of our interest is in sustainability not production. Not that we mind if you produce.
I will prolly just be doing the Marshall market this year.

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