21 April, 2010

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Big Pine Road is coming to life these past few weeks. With Eben moving into the yome and the Welders getting some WWoofers of their own further up the creek. My sister Olivia got a call yesterday from another interested person looking to do a work trade on Big Pine Road. His friend had already secured a spot further down the river but on the same road...
This leads me to believe that we need to move forward on fixing up the old camper trailer as soon as we can, as to provide short term housing for workshops and crop mobs throughout the season.

I need to hook up the gasoline powered water pump and scrub down the outside of the trailer this weekend, then put on some masks and sweep up , or vacuum the inside. A rodent has chewed through a bag of Seven....an ancient bag that shouldn't have been there in the darn tooten place at all. So this stuff has to be cleaned before we can clean, ya know?

Cheney has the sides up on the sauna, we should be bathing and sweating in a month!


Anonymous said...


My name is Alice and I am a student at Warren Wilson, and I found your flyer today by chance flying around in the wind. I have been looking to do exactly what your looking for. I feel really called to tend to the land, I have some gardening, beekeeping and primitive skills experience. I've been really hoping to stay up here this summer and do work trade, live and take care of the land. What you have posted sounds so wonderful, and I hope to make a link, if your still searching for someone to help you can reach me 479-790-1003

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice!We found someone for the yome, but are working on fixing up a camper trailer, maybe you would like to come out and check the sitch out?