26 April, 2010

Remodeling the trailer

Great site! Thanks Kate McCarly!


I think I found a spot for siding, now I need to find fine paneling

Seeking volunteers for the season!
We are two adult daughters and one Dad seeking volunteers for the garden season. We live 45 minutes north of Asheville, NC, 20 minutes from downtown Marshall, 10 minutes from the French Broad River.
We Offer: a Yome with a wood stove, outhouse,solar shower over looking stream and pasture, camping space, garden area, goat meat, homebrew, veggies, organic garden knowledge, homestead skills, primitive skills connection, passive solar panels to build with, canning skills, private pastoral land.
What you offer: A helping hand, building skills, homestead interest, independence, community, vigor, ideas, strength of mind.

We wold like to build a simple barn this year, expand our garden to charity, and remodel an old Shasta trailer  for volunteers. Come late August we will hold a canning party for tomato chutney, salsa and sauce!

contact Natasha Shealy


Meredith said...

I could, Darlin'

Anonymous said...

could what?