11 November, 2010

Drive across the creek or i will have to canoe across to get you. Don't worry, the water is tame. American Gothic 2010 by Ellen Jo Roberts.

I am supposed to be transcribing an interview right now, but after three weeks without Internet I am gorging, or binging.

This weekend we are going to make some lime plaster to plaster up a room for me to stay in. There is a small stove...lots of weird mirrors and a defunct camper shell stuck to the side of the room. Hopefully we can knock that part off and put up some plywood.

I miss Marshall and my dog...I need my dog here. Anyone coming out?
I would like to get back there with enough time to inoculate 200-400 logs. Hopefully with some extra help.


Anonymous said...

You look happy.

Anonymous said...

i am, but i miss Marshall.