14 January, 2011

Fixing up the studio apartment at the NOISE compound

Blue skies and a one room shack. John and I are fixing up the studio apartment behind Charlie's house. I would say it is the Noise compound, except for
the fact that Meredith, the arts director moved to Sedona a few days ago.

We are exchanging "rent" for repairs. It's a break from the river crossing, broken water pipe, too many rules apply life at Eliphante lately, but the future looks bright for Eliphante in the future. Looks like the vineyard will be buying the place in February. Some things will be changing, and it looks like the new owners will offer the current situation a test run, offering folks a chance to build a tangible, practical art destination. As I suspected it is not meant for year round habitation, and the new owners aren't into hippies.

Oh, back to the photo's above. This is the box we are staying in. The lower shot is of a sampling of our varied mudding styles. I thought it was mighty telling.

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ellen jo said...

Mmmm. Interesting about the vineyard's acquisistion of the land. Hmm.

PS-I'll come visit you guys at the Love Shack soon.