08 January, 2011

Juniper. We spent the day on dirt roads looking for felled hard wood for the stove. Man's relationship with wood is different out here in the desert. First of all, you can never down an oak.
This proves a problem when it comes to starting a mushroom grow room out west. We are going to try growing oysters on willow though.

John got a great job at Page Springs Winery. He will be setting up the edible and indigionous landscapes along with making earth art,planting gardens around the ditch water and trying his hand at welding. I am so happy for him!

It is so pleasing and deeply warming to hear him tell people he wants to look out for me. I never thought hearing that out of a man's mouth would sound full and right. We are building a lean team of people to run a big booth at the Sedona farmers market. $500-800 a day for produce. Kid you not. The need is high. The green drink, raw crowds can not find the produce they need. I hope we can get John's return clients from last season!

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