29 August, 2006

al burian, burn collector

I used to have this d.i.y. literary crush on al burian author of burn collector.

after seeing him read in asheville i thought he was pompous and not as sexy.
Here is an exerpt from my zine " Tamiko and I went to go see Al Burian read at Vincent's Ear. Its is true I had this ridiculous crush on him cuz he was Zine royality and kind of handsome in an asshole kind of way. Eveybody that knows him says he is a prick. Figures. It is fun to keep up with it anyway."

I never met the guy. When i went to buy one of his compliations he made me kind of yank it out of his hand, cuz he wouldn't let go of the book. He also gave me a hard time about pronouncing either "ither."
Thats it Alice, thats all I got.


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