30 August, 2006

the classic issue of tight pants and a global view

Cottonwood Matthew claims that men who wear tight pants are insecure in their masculinity.
We sat at Kactus Kate’s Saloon drinking our Sedona Micro brews contemplating this.
I half listened to his thesis. I have never been big on that jack ass Sigmund Freud, and Matt was pulling some Freudian statements out of his Fu Manchu He was talking the- men that don’t have mothers and women who don’t have fathers- bit. I feel psychology straps us to the world of have not. We can have a life of have.

I don’t really like the alternative to pants that fit. Kyanne and I have this ongoing joke about “the baggy pant new age man.” This sort of man is plentiful in Northern Arizona and any other new age Mecca to soul searching types that find their answers at the health food store. You can find them squeezing fruit in the produce section. They kind of sway to and fro whilst fondling fruit and scoping out pretty hippie girls.

Underneath the simple choice in clothing, and the “practicality” of the breathe easy wear lurks a world view that causes a subtle erosion in accountability.

I shouldn’t even utter the term postmodernism any more, my friends are dead tired of this word I’ve thrown out at them, but I must settle my thoughts, and carry on. It started when
Cottonwood Matthew told me that I don’t look good in my fitted Carhart work pants, and that baggy ones were better. I disagreed, and explained that the bagginess was a symbol of ambiguity, and quite frankly is a hazard in the work place. I furthered a little further by
Suggesting that wearing baggy pants is an ushering in of gray opinion. The hallmark of the dog tired postmodern thought.
At this point Commissioner Elinski suggested that maybe fitted pants are post-postmodern because they leave no gray area, if you know what I mean.
That settled it for me.

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