30 May, 2007

Places on my mind. When I was 12 or 13 I fell in love with the Congo. I had never been there, and still haven't. One of my best friends lost her hearing to a trip there as a baby, but i fell in love despite the savage and unforgiving stories. Libby used to sit around knitting or looking through catalogs while she would tell me about growing up in Congo. They ate dough, they wore fake shoes. they were wild.
A few years later a bunch of musicians got together and sang "We Are the World" while holding candles. That began me on my way.
Now I dream of the continent like it is a big dark zeppelin that floats over my head. Quiet, but demanding my attention.

It was crazy of me to ask him of this, but I texted my absolutely magnetic friend from South Africa, to ask him if he might want to hire me on as his secretary. Now,
I know what you are thinking, with my 2006 statement; " I am not your secretary."
But this is different...I've changed my mind. I realize that the smartest way to get
to somewhere far away is by asking. I believe I could run a better school than Oprah

Furthermore, Baker will be here from Kenya this summer. I believe he is here to raise money for the hemp farm or for the AIDS orphans or for the windmills.


Anonymous said...

Humm, Hemp for orphans, yea that is what they really need to get them started in life!

NATASHA SHEALY-natasha@thenoise.us said...

why is hemp bad? You can't "smoke " that stuff...Do the research federale.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Joan,

I am all for the Hemp farm. Do you need any more help?