16 July, 2007

Farm life is going like it does with the afternoon showers to add to the extra humidity. Its funny that Dad thinks there is a drought going on in the south. Try the south west!!
Lee Walker asked me to work in his gallery starting this week, but he has put it off due to not having enough money to pay me. I get the impression he is draggin his feet around his studio and not doing anything productive. I might need to forget about his propsal. If he wants to let the gallery die. Then He will have to do that alone.
On a happier note, the art studio will prolly only take $200-300 to finish!!
I will have a room in the hpuse with dad, and a repite room across the yard in the studio. Future plans are to finish the cabin. But this can not be done without employment..and preferablly some help from some fella that likes me a lot.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry to read about your loss. i think its really good of you to drop what you are doing to support your family. you are an interesting, kind and beautiful woman...and you lived in my town just last year. if i wasn't spending the last 2 years barking up wrong trees, i could have made an effort to know you. but that's me, chronic wrong tree barker. anyways thanks for the blog. would like to hear about the farm. could this be the first farm blog? probably not but i never saw one.

NATASHA SHEALY-natasha@thenoise.us said...

thanks mystery person. keep reading!