25 August, 2008

The Farm journal

I am really keen on all these little letters I have cut out of garrish advertisements from the Sunday newspaper. Would you believe me if I told you that I wrote you love letters from this mixed bag of letters?
With my nickle bag of font?

Have you ever noticed how rarely serifs are used in modern lettering? Thats why my heart stays true to New Times Roman. It's got edges and pause.

To serif or sans serif, that is the nerdy question.

My other *urgent* question is if guardian angels really exist, or if they are really new age men.


Anonymous said...

sensitive new age men

Anonymous said...

baggy pant sensitive new age men that hang out in the produce section of the health food store squeezing melons? i breath in a nd breath out katty judgements

Anonymous said...

what was katty? And yes, they probably are squeezing melons.

Anonymous said...

"nickle bag of font" is the most creative phrase I've read in years.
You are such a great writer!

#1 Fan

Anonymous said...

fuck my computer just crashed! send me an angel!